View your entire global governance framework 


Today, regulators and other governance authorities are placing an increased interest on all aspects of an issuer’s legal entities and subsidiaries. To address this increased burden, most issuers are turning to technology and utilizing specialized applications that offer a centralized view into your entire corporate structure. Hundreds of companies look to our GEMS platform to transform their business practices by:  


Going beyond compliance


Compliance Dashboard: Manage and view jurisdictional regulations, bylaw compliance, filings and other key compliance components.

Jurisdictional Compliance Rules: Integrated and searchable jurisdictional rules library with the ability to add custom rules and restrictions based on entity type and location.

Electronic Filing and Form Automation: Automate forms with existing company data to electronically sign and file directly with global government bodies.

Centralizing corporate data


Data Control: Configure subsidiary data control and approval processes to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Data Integration: Data extraction and integration capabilities to expedite review and collaboration processes.

Document Management: Upload, view and securely store all entity documents and data in one central repository. Define quick search criteria and customize setup by entity type, status, country, custom fields and more.


Encouraging collaboration


Executive Dashboard: Automatic, simple executive views set up by entity to view business performance in real time.

Security Matrix: Secure data centers and real-time sharing processes to ensure the security of all corporate data.

Enterprise Database: Central repository to securely store and share all enterprise data by user role, across various departments and/or geographic region.

Establishing workflows


Digital Signature and Workflow: Quickly create forms using existing data and electronically sign and file those forms directly with all global government bodies.

Task Workflow: Utilize the GEMS platform notification emails and exceptions-based reminders to avoid costly penalties associated with compliance deadlines.

Approvals and Verifications: Schedule, approve and verify entity audits via our automated verification process to track and monitor subsidiary compliance.