Putting entity management at the core of your business 


Global organizations today are facing increasingly complex regulations. A centralized, coordinated approach to effectively manage corporate governance procedures and reduce compliance risks has become central to all business processes. Our GEMS Global Entity Management System™  platform offers a centralized, electronic solution for companies to achieve global compliance and increase transparency.


Enterprise Management

Using an enterprise entity management system is fundamental to having a long-term governance solution that will evolve with your organization.


Entity Structure Management

As you establish new business entities, a customizable platform to help chart entity information, pull real-time reports and compare past and present data to forecast for future business requirements will enable you to stay ahead of entity filing requirements.

Global Compliance Management

Complying with regulations in each country and jurisdiction where your organization has a legal entity can be a daunting task. The GEMS platform automates global entity management processes enabling companies to stay compliant and minimize business risk.


Subsidiary Governance Management

With a formalized subsidiary governance process in place, your organization can establish an auditable data and reporting system to comply with key company policies.


GEMS. Go beyond compliance.


In an increasing global regulatory environment, the GEMS™  system offers a centralized approach for administrators to go beyond compliance and drive business collaboration. 


Contract Management

Establish contract management lifecycle processes to proactively manage vendor and client relationships.

Entity Snapshots

View specific entity information unique to your organization by user role, jurisdiction or entity type.


Real-time, customized standard reports, ad hoc reports and advanced reports exported to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML.

Structure Charting

Create, compare and export complex, multi-ownership organizational charts modeling parent/subsidiary relationships and snapshots of the organization from any point in time.


Protect your business with a trusted registered agent 


As the importance of effective corporate governance continues to be critical in today's environment, we understand that your role as a governance professional is constantly evolving and the requirements to stay compliant are ever-changing. 

As a trusted registered agent service provider, we help you fulfill those corporate compliance requirements by offering a full suite of registered agent solutions including service-of-process (SOP), annual report filings and document filing and retrieval capabilities. 

We integrate our registered agent service offerings with our GEMS platform capabilities providing our clients with a centralized system for all of their registered agent needs.

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